A to Z Vacuum carries more brands and styles of vacuums than any other retail store to give our customers many choices. There is not one vacuum that is perfect for everyone. We also give you information on the product so you can make an intelligent decision for one of the more important purchases you make for your family and home, including the air quality of your home. Our store prides itself on letting the customer make a good decision for themselves by giving them the proper information about one vacuum compared to another, and letting them try them side-by-side, so they can make the best decision, on the right vacuum for the right type of floor and carpet they have. Also it’s very important that you are comfortable with the feel of your vacuum. Are you a canister person, an upright person, or do you need something lightweight? How the vacuum feels in your hand is very important so you can use it without difficulties! Again we have more choices so you get the right product for your individual needs.

Our Vacuum Brands

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