Our selection of heating brands is listed below. Our top seller is the Heat4Less infrared heater. Infrared heat means that the air in your home is being heated in a more natural way. This is not only healthier, it is also safer. Infrared heat is non-combustion based. The moisture molecules are left in the air creating a more even heat. The ceiling temperature will only be 2-3 degrees warmer than the floor meaning there is no wasted heat at the ceiling. This is especially helpful if you have vaulted or cathedral ceilings.

The Heat4Less infrared heater makes more heat than all 1500 watt heaters, it is built strong, includes memory technology and includes the best heating elements available lasting up to an incredible 40,000 hours. It includes a limited lifetime warranty, is affordable and has been a staple in the heating market since 2008.

Our Heating Brands